Dog looking at camera during a walk in Whitstable Sociable dogs at K9 Kindergarten in Whitstable

K9 Kindergarten

Group play is available to suitable dogs monday to friday. All dogs are assessed for suitability before being assigned to an appropriate group of like–minded friends. We will provide a safe environment where your dog will spend their day playing with other dogs, exploring acres of private fenced fields in the care of our professional staff. Ideal if you are working or just going out for the day. We will even collect your dog in the morning and then drop them off home at night.

K9 Kindergarten is more than simply a Dog Day Care service.

K9 Kindergarten staff at the Whitstable premisesWe promise to be your one-stop-shop in achieving a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog. K9 Kindergarten will be there to help with Puppy Development, Obedience Training, Grooming, Health Care, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Doggie Daycare, Pet Food Delivery, Cat and Small Animal Care, Pet 2 Vet Taxi Service, Fun Events and so much more.

Your dog’s welfare

The welfare of your best friend has been our main focus when designing our facilities and programmes. We have invested in the latest technology, equipment and qualified staff to satisfy your dog’s needs, including fully equipped custom vehicles, to keep your dog comfortable and secure during our ‘Bark and Ride’ pick–up and drop–off service.

Let K9 Kindergarten take care while you’re not there!

Dogs running throughout the grass during walk

Recent research claims there are an estimated 1.5million dogs in Britain suffering from home alone syndrome. Dogs get bored, distressed and destructive if consistently left at home alone. Dogs need to be cared for and stimulated to reduce boredom, and this in turn helps decrease problem behaviours and especially benefits dogs that suffer anxiety when left alone. Dogs are highly social, intelligent animals that need both physical and mental stimulation in order to thrive. Sending your dog to one of our daycare programmes whilst you are at work, will eliminate this anxiety and will contribute to a happy and relaxed, well balanced friend that is a pleasure to live with.

Our Address: Unit 173 John Wilson Business Park Chestfield Whitstable CT5 3RB